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The final push: Completing my first fitness model competition

My 12 weeks prep wasn’t all roses, sprinkles and ice-cream (well definitely not ice-cream!!).

The only thing that I know it’s that I put in the effort, and paid the price of being a beginner… but every step was so worth it. I have grown and learned so much on both a personal and professional level.

Focus and Preparation

With just a few weeks to go until my comp it was getting mentally tough for me. Eating such a restrictive diet can have an impact on your emotional well being – it’s amazing realising how much carbohydrates can affect your energy and state of mind!

I had a few days where I was really struggling to keep to my plan. I decided to focus and really make the final leg of my journey focused on my happiness to help me stay relaxed.

I spent a weekend morning working on what I needed to focus on:

  • No more cheat meals

  • Do 2 Light/Moderate and 2 Interval Cardio sessions

  • Stick to my weights program

  • Smile!

  • Eat 6 meals a day

  • Prepare my meals every week!

  • Think positive

  • Have fun!

  • Have all my vitamins

Nutrition & Supplements

Monday to Sunday I was eating 6 meals a day. Most of my meals had a 100g portion of lean meat (usually Chicken) and 1 cup of vegetables. Because my meal plan was cutting out some food groups, to be safe I had some additional supplements including a multi, fish oil, a probiotic, vitamin D and magnesium.


My training program was very strict, I’d workout a different muscle group every day and at the end of the week I was doing whole body.

Every day I wake up around 4:30am to do my cardio before my first client. Low-medium intensity for about 40 minutes and HIIT 3 times a week. On top of this, whenever my clients where keen I’d go for a run outside for them which was really helpful to get some extra cardio in.

Every Saturday morning I’d go to the gym with my friend Andrew, also getting ready to compete, we would usually do full body workout for 1 or 2 hrs. Sunday was a fun day, Andrew and I would go to a park or somewhere away of the city to do fun cardio, we tried to keep it interesting for both of us, considering that we don’t really enjoy cardio at all ajjajaj!  In the afternoon we used to get together with a big team for posing classes, usually around 15 people, all getting ready for the competition. The team had a big impact on my journey. It was really helpful having a bunch of girls and guys going through the same experience, we were all hungry and anxious, a bit tired but that wasn’t important we were so focused on our goals that nothing would get in our way

Posing & Presentation

I got a good understanding of what to expect from the comp when I went along to Dana Carmont’s fitness model seminar. She ended up organising my bikini too which was a bonus

I ended up finding the support of Mikes Team which really helped me with my posing and comp preparation and this is where I refined my poses. I also made really good friends there. Up until then I hadn’t really met any of the other girls competing so it was good to see what I was going to be up against.

The Big Day

The morning

On the morning of my comp, my friend who came along to help me with the comp had the uncomfortable role of helping me with my tan – lucky I trusted her! By the time I was done I was looking more Cuban than Chilean! Up at 4.30am it took an hour to get ready and on my way to have my make up done with Jessica who was doing makeup for some of the other girls in Mike’s Team.

Here’s my before shot where I’m eating breakfast (yes, that’s breakfast!)

And after!

Once my makeup was done I raced back to get to the comp registration. On the way I felt so lucky that I was able to skype my parents one last time before the comp. They wished me luck and gave me the last bit of confidence I needed.

After I registered and arrived it was time for my hair to be done! At the same time I was making some last moment changes to make sure the music for my routine was just right.

And finally – on-stage!

When people asked me throughout my preparation for the competition what motivated me I told them that it was visualising being on stage and the thrill of being in that moment that kept me focused. I had a big day ahead of me so it was really important that I keep this in my mind to make it to the end of it.


I first went on stage around 9am to finally see if all the posing practice was going to work! I was so nervous I had to have a shot of vodka before going out on stage to help me relax jajaja! (I wasn’t the only one)

My Performance

I decided to do a salsa dance to the song Tu Cariñito – Puerto Rican Power which I knew really well which helped me to be comfortable and myself on stage doing what I love – dancing!


I didn’t end up getting a place this time but I am honestly so happy with the results I achieved. I had already won personally before I had gone on stage and regardless of the outcome of the judging.

What I gained through this experience

Training for this competition was an incredible test of my discipline. There were so many temptations along the way where I could have eaten meals that weren’t on my plan, but by largely sticking to what I had to do for my preparation, I was able to get the result that I had set out to achieve in my mind.

So – what next?

Well I have to admit, the adrenalin of being on-stage really made me want to do it again! After a week or so off when the comp finished I got back in to my rhythm of preparation for my next comp which was on the 12th October – the Australian Nationals Oxygen’s Fitness & Model Championships

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