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SNOO Rental Service in Brisbane

Bebeactive's pre-loved SNOO rental service is now operational in Brisbane, bringing this innovative sleep solution to families throughout the city. We cater to a range of Brisbane suburbs, including South Brisbane, Paddington, Chermside, and Carindale, as well as surrounding areas. Our aim is to provide Brisbane parents with a hassle-free way to access the SNOO Smart Sleeper, delivering directly to your door for ultimate convenience. We're here to support Brisbane families with a service that's as reliable as it is helpful, ensuring better sleep for both you and your little ones.

SNOO Hire Services in Brisbane, QLD

Servicing major suburbs in Brisbane:

Bebeactive's SNOO rental service is available across Brisbane, covering key suburbs such as South Brisbane, Paddington, Chermside, Carindale, Indooroopilly, and The Gap. Additionally, we service areas like West End, New Farm, and Coorparoo, ensuring widespread accessibility for families in need of a SNOO Smart Sleeper. Our objective is to make SNOO rentals convenient and accessible for parents throughout Brisbane, contributing to better sleep for babies and parents alike.


Flexible Pricing and Plans:

At BebéActive, we understand that every family has unique needs and budgets. That's why we offer convenient rental plans to suit your requirements:

Start with a two-week trial of a SNOO for $45 per week. At the end of this period you can choose between: 

  1. 3 to 6 month rental - best value! Weekly rate: $42

  2. 1 to 3 month rental. Weekly rate: $46

We don't have any rental bonds like other rental companies!

Our rental process

The Rental Process: Renting a bassinet from BebéActive is a simple and hassle-free process.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose a rental plan: Select the rental plan that best suits your needs and budget.

  2. Reserve your bassinet: Contact us to reserve your bassinet, specifying your desired rental duration and start date.

  3. Delivery or pickup: There is a delivery charge for every order. This fee will be calculated and shared with you when you enquire about renting a SNOO. For delivery to your home it is an additional fee and is priced on request.

  4. Set up and enjoy: Set up your bassinet according to the provided instructions and enjoy the benefits of a safer, more comfortable sleep environment for your baby.

  5. Return: At the end of your rental period, we'll organise a pickup of your SNOO. Alternatively you can drop off your SNOO to a location in Brisbane City, South Brisbane or Spring Hill.

If you need urgent help, try a local paediatric sleep consultant

A paediatric sleep consultant is worth considering if you're based in Brisbane and are looking for fast, local support to help you get your baby's sleep back under control.

Here's a couple to consider:

  1. Company: The Baby Sleep Company​

  2. Company: Settle & Flow​

  3. Company: Tiny Dreams

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