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SNOO Cleaning Service in Adelaide

Just $195 to clean and sanitise your SNOO!

Clean and sanitise your SNOO, including free pick up and return in Adelaide.

Whether it's to clean your secondhand SNOO in readiness for your newborn or to give it a deep clean when you want to sell your SNOO, we're here to help!

Ensuring your SNOO is clean before your baby uses it is crucial, as the presence of bacteria can pose significant health risks to your infant.

We provide two specialised services: a thorough deep cleaning, and a comprehensive cleaning and repair package.

Our SNOO Deep Cleaning Service for $195 offers:

  • Detailed cleaning of the SNOO mesh, including soaking to eliminate all stains.

  • Removal of any pilling from the mesh.

  • Sanitisation and cleaning of all hard plastic areas, reaching deep into the SNOO.

  • Comprehensive dust and grime eradication.

Additionally, our SNOO Deep Clean & Repair Service for $249 includes everything mentioned above, along with the replacement of o-rings to ensure your SNOO functions smoothly and efficiently.

We provide pickup and return with our SNOO baby bassinet cleaning services to all Adelaide suburbs, including the CBD, North Adelaide, Glenelg, Norwood, Unley, Henley Beach, Prospect, Semaphore, Magill, and Port Adelaide, as well as the outer suburbs like Aldinga Beach, Gawler, Elizabeth, Mawson Lakes, and Mount Barker.

Before and After SNOO Clean Photos

Here is a collection we're building showing before and after photos of the SNOOs we clean and service,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I have my SNOO cleaned in Adelaide?

A: In Adelaide, our SNOO cleaning service offers free collection and return. Additionally, we can handle the repair or replacement of any common parts that might be causing your SNOO to grind or jerk.

Q: Is it possible to wash the SNOO?
A: We disassemble each SNOO with care for a comprehensive clean. All hard surfaces are disinfected with agents that eliminate viruses and bacteria, and the mesh is washed thoroughly to remove any stains.

Q: Can a SNOO be repaired in Adelaide?

A: During the cleaning process, we examine the mechanical parts of your SNOO to see if there's a need for replacing o-rings or any other components. This additional service is available for a fee.

Q: How can I eliminate pilling on the SNOO mesh?
A: We use specialised equipment to remove or reduce pilling on the SNOO mesh as a part of our cleaning regimen.

Q: What are the costs for SNOO cleaning services in Adelaide?
A: Our services include an extensive SNOO deep clean for $150, or we can also offer a repair and replace service for o-rings at $195. Free pickup and delivery in Adelaide are included in both service options.

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Ph: 0430 761 597

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